Horizon's orientation programs ensure new employees are provided with the tools for success.

At Horizon, every employee is an integral part of a dedicated team, and a crucial component to our agency's success.

We recognize the importance of providing our staff with all of the training and tools needed to best perform their roles. All employees attend an introductory General Agency Orientation to learn about Horizon and meet members of Horizon's leadership team. Horizon highly prioritizes customer service as fundamental to our Mission, so all employees also complete an Interactive Customer Service Orientation.

Field Staff
Field staff employees continue with a specialized "Boot Camp" facilitated by our seasoned Education team to further their training and ensure competencies. Plus, field employees are paired with a preceptor/mentor to help acclimate them - this sharing of information, knowledge and insight / partnership process has proven to be beneficial to both the mentor (experienced Horizon employee) and the mentee (new Horizon team member).

Professional field employees are issued iPhones, laptops, equipment bags and, in some cases, company vehicles - all of the resources they need to thrive.

Nursing / Therapy-Rehab
All Horizon nurses and therapists participate in a comprehensive orientation program - typically including classroom and computer training, an assigned preceptor, shadowing, and joint visits - designed to help you adapt smoothly and successfully to home care.

Horizon hires diverse backgrounds from new grads to extensive non-home care experience, and the duration and components of the orientation are tailored to both the job requirements and your individual needs, to enhance your personal progress.