In 2012, the leaders of Horizon Home Care & Hospice resolved to re-define the mission of our organization. Together, they set out to discover and clearly outline the brand core - the heartbeat - of Horizon. A process began to re-align all aspects of our company with this philosophy: we value people.

Horizon is a home care and hospice provider built on a solid foundation of care that values all people. Horizon celebrates the human spirit and each individual's desire for security, comfort and compassion.

What does HOME mean to you? Family. Comfort. Familiar. A relaxing atmosphere. A warm fire. Conversation. Laughter. The smell of warm bread or fresh baked cookies. Early morning coffee. A book before bed. Acceptance. Nothing is sweeter than home. That's why we make it our highest priority to ensure our clients are able to remain in their homes as long as possible. Or, if they are not residing in their private residence, we bring the feeling of "home" to them.

This concept of creating "home" extends to our employees. From the complimentary coffee in the lunchroom, to the laughter emanating from team meetings; whether you work out in the community, or at our corporate headquarters. Horizon is a second home to our employees. A work environment where employees feel appreciated, enriched; a feeling where you belong.

"With Horizon, you're Home."

"I have the Best Job at Horizon Home Care!"

I have the Best Job at Horizon Home Care!
– Lisa, TeleHealth Nurse

We supply cutting-edge technology for daily monitoring of our most fragile heart failure and COPD patients. We provide touch screens and monitors, so our patients can send daily vital signs and health information to 3 TeleHealth Nurses. Plus we work closely with our patients with visits and phone calls, and coordinate care with their doctors and specialists to quickly catch changes in health status and get orders that keep our patients out of the hospital and in their homes.

Horizon gives me opportunities to Grow & Advance my Career!

Horizon gives me opportunities to Grow & Advance my Career!
– Laura, Nurse Educator

Nearly 8 years ago, I started my career at Horizon as a Student Nurse. Since then, I have become a Home Care Case Manager, Hospice Patient Care Coordinator, Hospice Admissions Nurse, and Hospice Visit RN. In December 2013, I achieved my Hospice and Palliative Nurses Certification (HPNC), and in July 2014, I began my current role of Home Care Nurse Educator. Great things happen at Horizon with the right support and encouragement!

Horizon Brings a Little Extra… A Way of Celebrating Life!

Horizon Brings a Little Extra… A Way of Celebrating Life!
– Lauren, Grief Resource Center Assistant

Working for a place that provides homecare and hospice services might seem like a hard thing to do, and don’t get me wrong - it is. But Horizon has a way of bringing in a little extra something to the table, a way of celebrating life. It’s not just about having a nurse come in each day or a CNA giving a bath, rather it is identifying ways that patients and families can find peace in the transition of life and celebrate what life has to offer.

In 2010, 2011, 2013 and 2014, Horizon was recognized by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel as one of their “Top 100 Workplaces.” Our staff knows they are dedicating their hard work to a well-established, reputable, and ethical organization and to a meaningful cause. While our work is very fulfilling, Horizon also understands the need for life/work balance and offers many employees flexible schedules and a comprehensive benefits package.

Horizon Home Care & Hospice is a special place to work. We care about our patients and about each other. We even have some pretty darn cute puppies that bring smiles to our faces and can guide you through our employment process. We've listed our current amazing job opportunities below, and if you want to meet James Blonde and GiGi, well, they'd like to meet you too!